Program Design

All training programs are team-based and customized to a company's most pressing challenges. The following steps are used in our Program Design Process.

Step 1
Needs Analysis - What are your most pressing business challenges? What do you want your managers to know about and use?
Step 2
Program Design - Recommend marketing analytics and expected marketing competencies to be gained.
Step 3
Program Customization - Obtain company product-market data and build company Marketing Metrics Handbook with bookmarked pages with company data examples.
Step 4
Team Formulation & Team Coach - Company teams of 3 to 7 people are created with a team leader. An external team coach will mentor team members throughout the program with respect to software, program content, and team-company applications.
Step 5
Program Delivery & Performance Impact - Proposed programs are delivered virtually to teams with application and team feedback. Team performance and profit impact are assessed for each team and for Program ROI is summarized for each team.

Note: All programs are designed around how adults learn as presented by Malcolm Knowles in his book The Adult Learner: The Neglected Species, 3rd edition.