De-Mystify the Barriers to Using Marketing Analytics in Your Business

The Marketing Metrics Handbook is a digital toolkit designed to improve marketing performance profits through the application of marketing analytics and metrics. It presents 40 marketing analytics and over 100 marketing metrics. Also included are 5 financial analytics that demonstrate how marketing metrics impact your company financial metrics and shareholder value.

The handbook is easy to use and each marketing metric is presented as a stand alone area of marketing performance. This means you can start with any marketing metric in the handbook and use only those marketing analytics that best apply to your needs and application situation. Click here to review the handbook ease of use and handbook features.

Handbook Usage

Users can quickly enter their own data, perform analyses and save, send or easily move results to a PowerPoint presentation. The handbook can be customized with respect to company logo, page titles and country currency.

Each marketing metric is supported with three tabs that include a Company Application, Metric Guidelines and Data Tips. The User Input tab also provides a place for user notes.

Users can bookmark up to seven marketing metrics per application. A glossary provide help with definitions as in many cases some of the terminology and marketing metrics may be new to some users.

Demonstrates basic navigation, features and functions of the handbook marketing analytics and marketing metrics.

Included are user support functions for each marketing analytic and how to customize your digital handbook to your company application and product-market perspective.

Finally, sample marketing analytics and marketing metrics from each chapter are briefly demonstrated with respect to content, user application and ease of use.